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TikTok Trend Troubles

Episode 58

Let’s talk about trends. More specifically, TikTok trends. They can be a fun and entertaining way to showcase you and your company. But what about TikTok trend troubles? What are some of the pitfalls we all should be aware of as businesses? How can you create content that will engage your audience? I have put together three quick, easy tips to help you get TikTok ready.

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social

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Trends are well trending. Even though this article focuses on TikTok trends, the same advice goes for similar social media platforms like Reels and Shorts. Utilizing current trends cleverly and creatively can bring amazing traffic results and really showcase your company. So let’s get started on what you need to look out for and how to help your company shine.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Tip#1 – Do your TikTok research to avoid TikTok trend troubles

Not all trends are, shall we say, family-friendly or remotely professional. Yes, they are meant to be a little more buttoned-down, but how many buttons is your company comfortable with? The first thing you need to do before jumping on the trend bandwagon is research. Dig into what the trend is about. Does it align with your company’s culture and ethics? What about the lyrics to the music you are using? What about the artist? A few extra minutes of research can save you and your company from a potential PR or HR nightmare. 

Tip#2 – Plan it out but don’t plan it out

Clearly, you need to have a rough idea of what you are doing. What is the purpose of this post? What is the message you are trying to get across? Are there any timing points that you are trying to hit? Once you have a general idea, jump in front of that camera and have fun! People are not looking for a Grammy award-winning performance. If you come across as too scripted, you have missed some of the main attractions of TikTok. People go there for authenticity and entertainment. So yes, create a plan but keep it flexible and authentic.

Tip#3 – Once again…have fun!

Seriously, how often do we get to let loose a bit at work and have a little fun? TikTok can provide this. Try to include everyone that you work with. Not only can this be a great team-building exercise, but it also allows everyone to share a bit of their personality. The idea behind TikTok is again to entertain people (while hopefully getting your message across). So make sure your content is coming from the heart, and you and whoever else is creating the videos are ready to engage in some happy absurdity.

TikTok TakeAway

Social media is an ever-growing and changing beast. That being said, it is also an excellent resource to connect with your target audience and showcase your company. So follow these tips, and please tag us so we can join in the fun!

Class dismissed!

Jonathan (00:15): Hello, everyone. Welcome to episode 58 of the Juvohub podcast. And for the third episode in a row, I'm all by myself and I can't sing. I'm your host, Jonathan Saar Usually I would have Mark Howell with me as my amazing and awesome co-host, but he is been busy teaching a CAM class, which is awesome. Appreciate so much all his hard work for our industry, be sure to check him out Howl Creative Concepts dot com, he will be back in a couple of episodes. So, yeah, just got me again today, cause we didn't want to have too many gaps in time between our sessions. So here we are, episode 58, make sure you connect with us on our social channels. Particularly our Instagram account at Juvohub, J U V O H U B. And you can search for us on YouTube.

Jonathan (01:13): You can use the YouTube videos for backdrop, for training classes for you. So that's great. Also we talk about a lot of things that are for a classroom setting, good discussion points. So this one is a good discussion topic for your marketing department. We wanna talk about trends and using trends on Reels and TikTok. So you need to be careful about opting into trends and make sure you have done your own due diligence because there's a lot of trends out there that when you dig a little bit deeper on what they are and what their background from an ethics perspective for property management professionals, it may not be the most appropriate thing that you would put on your company TikTok account or Instagram Reels feed. So that's what we wanted to kind of give you some reminders about be careful of trends and there's lots of out there.

Jonathan (02:22): And it's a great thing to get in involved in like when you do see a trend, it can bring amazing traffic, the organic traffic that comes from TikTok and from Instagram Reels right now. And particularly when you use some of the trends that are out there is amazing. And when you are smart and creative and you be like, you know what, oh, that's a cool trend. I can see how we can put a spin on the culture of our community with this trend or show how fun our community is by using that trend. So that's good. That's good. So, but tip number one, make sure you do your research, get the background, find out in particular. I find people who respond to trends that are questioning for instance, the lyrics of a song. And so that's important that you know, what the lyrics of a song is that are trending right now.

Jonathan (03:23): Make sure you know who the artist is. Do your background research. Don't just think, oh yeah, it's a good tune and use it. And then you find out later that it may have something that's offensive, offensive to your company especially offensive to your residents, if they're the ones that are seeing that or prospects. So do your research and make sure, you know, what is involved in that trend. So that's tip number one, tip number two, plan it out, but don't plan it out. So in other words, you want to know, you do need to know like how your script is gonna go, you know, what is your video gonna look like and where you're placing everything, what you're filming, but you don't wanna get so overly planned out that it comes across scripted.

Jonathan (04:24): We can all sense that a mile away that, you know, people are not on TikTok and on Instagram Reels for Grammy award winning or Oscar award winning content, even though there is some stuff that definitely is Oscar award winning, in my opinion, but TikTok and Reels, it has its attraction because it's authentic. It's not so scripted out. So plan it out, but don't plan it out. Just have fun with it. You know, I have messed around, off and on with, with Reels in particular. I've still yet to make my first TikTok video, but I have watched probably hundreds if not a thousand or so by now, making sure I understand the platform. So coming soon, Jonathan's TikTok video, but I am on reels for Juvohub and for my marketing handle Be Social Simple and the video that I really didn't plan out were the ones that just have thousands and thousands of views.

Jonathan (05:29): So it taught me a good lesson about just be authentic and just have fun with the platform. So plan it out, plan it out, excuse me, plan it out but don't plan it out. A little bit of a tongue twister. And then the third tip, which I just kind of alluded to have fun, make sure you're enjoying it. If it gets, again, gets so clinical, everybody is just so focused on their lines. You're not having fun. So enjoy making these videos, making these short little clips for TikTok and for Instagram Reels, because the idea is you want to entertain people. You want to give people a feel or some education or make them feel good about something, decide what your genre is for your video, for your Reel, for your TikTok, but make sure no matter what that you are enjoying it, that it is coming from your heart.

Jonathan (06:28): That way it comes across as authentic also. So there we go, be careful of trends while using Reels and TikTok. You use them wisely, but do your research plan it out, but don't plan it out and make sure that you are having fun. So this is episode 58 of the Juvohub podcast, a short episode, just talking about some trends that happen within TikTok and with Instagram Reels and what you can do to be careful how you use them. So thank you so much for your support of this show. We love you guys. Thank you for the thumbs up. Thank you for the podcast reviews and everything else that's going on and more to come. We're so grateful for your support of this show. So episode 58 till next time, class dismissed, take care, everyone.

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