Ignoring The Vultures

Ignoring the Vultures

Episode 56

When it comes to personal branding, we have all faced the challenge of the hater or, as I like to call them, vultures. Is ignoring these vultures a best practice? What would you do?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social

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The other day I was out doing some yard work when I noticed that a bunch of vultures was swirling around my area. I found it pretty disconcerting. Vultures are opportunistic birds that specifically target anything they perceive to be weak.

I then realized that my existential bird crisis reminded me of how I felt when I had received a scathing review on a class I taught a few years back. Everyone else loved it, but this one person apparently thought I looked like easy pickings. 

Now, understand I take zero issues with constructive criticism. I think it’s incredibly important. That was not what was offered. I confided this situation to a colleague who gave me this insight “There are always going to be people out there looking to tear you down.” I needed to realize that I couldn’t let one person’s opinion knock me off my game or make me think I should change my personal brand of doing things. 

So what helped me? Let me share three tips on what to do when faced with personal attacks when you are putting yourself out there, and please share with me in the comments what your approach has been. 

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Tip #1 – Don’t become a yo-yo when it comes to your branding.

The knee-jerk reaction after someone has attacked your personal branding is to consider making changes. STOP! That just isn’t possible. Making constant changes to your branding makes you seem indecisive and non-trustworthy. You cannot and will not make everyone happy. Your personal branding should be based on your true self. Focus on consistently delivering this, and your authenticity will connect you with the right people and propel your goals.

Tip #2 – Don’t chase numbers!

Followers, likes, shares, the list goes on. Many people get caught up in analytics or numbers and lose their focus. Willing to try or do just about anything to get those numbers up. In my experience, a handful of quality connections or followers, if you will, are worth much more than thousands of lurkers or dead accounts. 

Focus on creating quality content that will attract quality connections and grow—you guessed it—a quality network that is sustainable and beneficial. 

Tip#3 – Managing your emotions when an attack happens

To this day, the main reason people struggle with presenting their personal brand is the fear of being attacked, whether it’s simply a public congratulations to a colleague or a social media post. Added to that, the growing trend of cancel culture makes you feel like every little thing should be reviewed by a hundred proofreaders and at least ten legal departments. But we can’t let that stop us. 

Surround yourself with a circle of friends who will provide you with encouragement and feedback. When the attack happens, they can be a trusted resource to help you with either a pat on the back or gentle criticism if you happen to drop the ball. Either way, having a trusted circle will help you manage your emotions and expectations. 

Final takeaway

When it comes to personal branding, it should be just that, personal. Constructive criticism is essential but does not cross the line into a personal attack. Ignore the vultures and instead stay focused, authentic and let your personal brand shine!

Class Dismissed!

Jonathan (00:15): Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 56 of the Juvohub podcast. My name is Jonathan Saar, and usually I would have my fantastic and awesome co-hosts alongside me today, but he has been busy teaching CAM. So that's a been a couple of weeks of work on him and just couldn't get our schedules to meet up. So I am doing it as the song says, all by myself. So as you can tell, that's why I do podcasts and I'm not on American Idol. I can barely catch a tune. But anyway, we'll look forward to having Mark back on a future episode soon. So today we're going to talk about personal branding. So a little analogy that popped into my head the other day when I was trying to be outside doing some work. And all of a sudden I had all of these, in my mind, these vultures circling above my head and it kind of freaked me out, cause it's like, you know, are they waiting for me to die?

Jonathan (01:20): Like why are these vultures circling above my head? And it was, you know, it was funny to me for a minute. Then I got to thinking about vultures and you know, the kind of birds they are and vultures are definitely a bird that is opportunistic. It's, you know, it's just looking for an opportunity to take advantage of something, not me, but something that is sick or has already died. Roadkill. We've seen all that kind of thing happen on so, so many times. So how does that apply to personal branding? Well, often through my career, it made me think of the people that were, you know, I don't know what the right word is, but they were just looking for an opportunity for me to fail. And at times it was very, very hurtful knowing that that was existing. I would get crazy, you know, comments on my blogs or comments on social media.

Jonathan (02:28): The most insane, crazy reviews at speaking sessions where everybody else thought it was a great job. And I'm not saying I'm like the best speaker in the world, but you know, overall I knew the audience really appreciated the information. And then there's like this one review that is just incredibly scathing and hurtful. And it's like, what, how? And I received good advice from a colleague that I really appreciated, especially for that one review I remember back a few years ago and that was her comment. It's like, you know what, there's always gonna be people out there that are looking to tear you down. And so it's a good reminder for all of us, especially when you're trying to focus on your personal branding. So a few tips that I wanted to share with, with you today now, number one, don't become a yoyo when it comes to your branding.

Jonathan (03:29): You know, if you ever ever play with the yoyo, you know what it is just, you know, it's back and forth, back and forth, up and down. You can do tricks with it. But the idea that the visual that I want you to have in your head is you're out there trying to please everybody. And you're not being you. You're not focused and you're not consistent. So don't do that, you know, find your true self focus on your true self and showcase that to the world. And again, don't worry about the vultures, stay away from the vultures. Don't be concerned about that, but focus on consistent personal branding and not become a yo-yo because you are trying to build your audience. You're going to find people that are going to connect with you because of that authenticity and because of that consistency.

Jonathan (04:26): So that leads me to my second tip. When it comes to personal branding, don't chase numbers, don't be looking for you know, hoping for more followers just trying to build your network up at whatever cost. Be focused on gathering and connecting with quality people. Quality people that resonate with your message that you and we know it, right? It's not easy to get on a microphone or to write something and post it in social media. You are putting forth the effort to talk to people about what's on your heart, share your passion, share your convictions. You will connect with those who share that. So don't be worried about numbers, be focused on consistency. Don't chase them, focus on quality content, quality followers, quality network, versus, you know, looking for what we see in some of the bigger influencers that are out there.

Jonathan (05:42): Because 99% of us, that's not who we are. We're not going to be more than likely the influencer that has 100 million followers. And maybe we don't want that, I know I don't want that. I'm not interested in that whatsoever has not, you know I'm glad for people that have been able to do that, all the power to 'em. But for my personal goals, when it comes to personal branding, that's just not one of 'em. Maybe you resonate with that. I don't know. So, but anyway, focus on quality and not quantity. And then the third thing, going back to what a colleague had shared with me, how do you manage your emotions when you perceive an attack taking place?

Jonathan (06:34): So that's tricky you know, when social media first came out, I think that was one of the biggest questions I received or comments about why people don't post, why people don't share is that fear of attack. And boy, has that ever gotten worse? It is. You practically you feel like you have to go through a hundred proof readers and 10 legal departments, just to be able to say, Hey, congratulations on the new position. You know, it's, it's insane. How how you know, crazy people are getting when it comes to their reaction to whatever someone posts in this kind of cancel culture society that we're in currently. So hopefully that will change. But in the meantime it does take, it takes colleagues, I guess, that's it. I know that helped me and has, it has continued to help of me.

Jonathan (07:41): I know who I'm close with and I can go to at any time and they will have no problem saying, you know, what, that was kind of a silly post that that was not necessary or that didn't resonate and they'll be confident enough. And I'm, you know, connected with them. Well, and friends are with them well, so that they feel good to share that kind of feedback, so good or bad. I have those people in my world that will be able to share that good or bad feedback. So you need to find that circle so that when things do, you know, when it does happen, when attacks do take place, that you'll be able to go and share that with someone that you're close with and say, you know, did I do something crazy? And they may give you a realistic approach to what it is that you shared or posted, or they may be like this other colleague that I mentioned who was like, ignore it.

Jonathan (08:45): It's not true. Those are the vultures. So visual, you know, you might not look at vultures the same way again. And I would love to know your comments too. Like, what do you do when you've been faced with personal attacks, while you're trying to put yourself out there, what has been your approach? I would love to see your comments on our YouTube channel or Instagram. So that's it for today, episode 56, you know, by myself today, Mark is busy with CAM, teaching a CAM class, which is totally awesome and amazing. We'll get him back on on the show very, very soon once he's wrapped up with that and make sure you follow us, connect with us on YouTube. Follow us on Instagram at Juvohub. This has been episode 56. Thank you for listening to me all by myself. See you next time. Take care.

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