The Great Resignation

With the Great Resignation Comes Great Responsibility

Episode 57

We have all heard it in the news and seen it online. The Great Resignation is still very much a hot-button topic. Today I want to take a look at it from another angle. From the standpoint of the person choosing to take the leap and resign. Do you understand the great responsibility that comes with this?

Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social

Show Highlights

We have done several shows/articles around employee retention and corporate culture and responsibility. But what if you feel that your company is not doing enough, or perhaps you feel it’s time for a change? Deciding to move on can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Let me share a few tips to help you assume your great responsibility in making this decision and set yourself up for success.

Key Questions/Topics Covered

Tip#1 – Train, Train, Train!

Did you get that? Training is imperative to build on your skillset, especially if your goal is to find a specific job position. Sign up for webinars, free or paid, which will increase your knowledge base. Also, don’t forget about the many podcasts and blogs that our industry shares regularly. And finally, another fantastic resource is LinkedIn training. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. You will find a resource of micro-courses that cover a variety of topics.

Tip#2 – Fill in Your Résumé Gaps

Remember that your résumé is more than just a place to list your experience. There are many other things that you should include to showcase who you are. Where do you volunteer? What projects have you helped out on? Remember that extra training we talked about? Make sure that is highlighted as well. Think of your qualities and strengths that will attract your next potential employer and confidently showcase them.

Tip#3 – Network

Don’t ever stop networking! Whether it’s in person or online. Look for opportunities to network. Check out Steve Wunch and Lisa Troisen. These two are expert LinkedIn networkers, so connect and learn from them. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of behavior and believe that there just isn’t the time to network consistently. I am guilty of this myself. That being said, it really doesn’t take a lot. Spending twenty to thirty minutes catching up with your community is the perfect way to bookend your day.  

So are you ready to take the plunge and join the Great Resignation? If so, I hope these tips help and I wish you nothing but the best.

Class dismissed!

Jonathan (00:15): Hello, everyone. Welcome to episode 57 of the Juvohub podcast. My name is Jonathan Saar and for this episode, and for a couple of more, I will be all by myself while my good friend and wonderful co-host is off teaching CAM, so we record these sessions in advance. So I'm by myself again today, but it's awesome, Mark, so they're sharing what he knows. He's an amazing trainer. So if you're not connected with him, check him out on Howl Creative Concepts dot com. So today all by myself, I'm going to talk to you about the great resignation. Now I know that's been out there, crazy headline. It's been, we've talked about it a few times on this show. We've talked to you about it from the perspective of like, what do we need to do to embrace employee retention and build company culture.

Jonathan (01:13): And those are all super, super important things. Just for a few minutes. I wanted to kind of spin it from the perspective of you as an employee. And you are thinking about, I wanna make a change. I wanna make a career change. I wanna make a location change. I would like to apply for a different job position within property management. You know, you may be having all these questions. We all go through that and that's awesome. That's good, never ever get in a rut with your career because it will burn you out. So don't do that. So with the great resignation comes great responsibility. Yeah. I said that. But there, there is some things that you can do. So that's what I wanna share with you today. If you're thinking about making that at transition, here's some tips, number one, brush up on your own training.

Jonathan (02:09): So there are a lot of things that are out there that will help, you know, where you want to go next. So if it's property management related, you know, check out some webinars that are out there that are free or paid and build on your skill set, particularly if you're looking for a certain job position that you don't have currently, you know, find what's out there, subscribe to the Juvohub podcast, cause we talk about all kinds of different things from an education perspective, but there are plenty of other apartment podcasts that are out there. There's lots of webinars that you can get for instance, with like Lisa Trosien or Kate Good or Jackie Ramstedt or Anne Sadovsky or you know, and the list goes on and on multifamily insiders. Boy, and I know I'm forgetting like a hundred people. So maybe if you do have a show or if you do have a resource available, you're listening to this, please just post it in the comments, whether you're on LinkedIn or you're on our YouTube channel or on our Instagram account.

Jonathan (03:20): So Juvohub is on all of those. We would love for you to share your resources. So these are resources to help all of our audience see what's out there for education within the property management industry. So that's tip number one, brush up on training. And then if you are thinking of something, maybe outside of the industry, you know, LinkedIn has a ton of training classes that are available and you know, there's the bottom line is put yourself out there. Take some time to brush up on your training, which leads to my second tip. Don't leave gaps in your resume. You know, resumes, and this has been true for many, many years now. Resumes are not just listing your experience. You know, there's so many more things that you can include on your resume include on your cover letter to really showcase what it is that you're involved in.

Jonathan (04:21): So put those things down. So if you've taken extra classes from somebody from in the industry, make sure you listed, make sure you list those, list them on your LinkedIn profile, that you've taken those different classes and, you know, volunteer things that you've done volunteering that you've done, make sure that's listed on there. So think of things that will make you attractive to that next potential employer, you know, besides just your, you know, your experience that you have at various different jobs. And then the third tip which to me is just no matter where you're at, not just because you're looking for a job necessarily, but it should be part of what you do, network. Network, network, network don't ever stop networking, look for opportunities to network and COVID has nothing to do with it. You know, number one, it seems like we're, we're coming out of it.

Jonathan (05:26): You know, things are opening up, networking opportunities are becoming more available in various cities, which is fantastic. But even before that, there's still opportunities to network. You know, I see so many people that are just the most amazing networkers ever on LinkedIn. And I'm gonna name one, actually I'll name two Steve Wunch and Lisa Trosien. I mentioned Lisa before, cause she's just awesome. And she has always so many amazing classes, apartment all stars and things that she does for her company also. But those are two. You wanna see what great, networking's all about, make sure you connect with those two. Steve Wunch and Lisa Trosien just fantastic in the way that they, how they carry themselves on LinkedIn, their consistency on LinkedIn and what they do. You know I'll admit, I get a little bit lazy with LinkedIn and I've been on LinkedIn since practically it came, came around and I know I need to do a better job of networking.

Jonathan (06:34): So, you know, shame on me. You might look at my profile and say he doesn't really do as much. I do as much as I can with the time I have sometimes available, but it is imperative that you do set time aside to connect with your network. So there we go, thinking about what you're doing with the, you know, the great resignation that we're kind of in right now, you may be that person who's listening to the show thinking of where you want to go next. So those three tips, brush up on your training, make sure your resume is robust and continue, continue to network. So thank you so much for paying attention to our show. So just as a reminder, housekeeping, please follow us on Instagram at Juvohub. Connect with us on YouTube and share with us any comments and resources that you have particularly about this topic. We would love to hear from you, what resources that you use that continue to help, you know, bring your education, bring your awareness up of our industry up to another level each and every day. So thanks for tuning into the show. We'll see Mark Howell back in a couple of episodes, but thank you so much for being here and until next time, take care, everyone class dismissed.

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