Employee Engagement and the #RangeOn Experience

Employee Engagement and the RangeOn Experience

Episode 7- JuvoHub Podcast

Our Special Guest: Lise Rozier

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Lise Rozier joined RangeWater in 2011 as Director of Training and brings over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate and property management. Lise has worked in almost every facet of real estate property management and is a licensed RealtorĀ®.

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Notes from the host:

Do you want to see a stellar example of a transparent social corporate approach to employee engagement? Then I highly recommend you connect with all of RangeWater’s social media channels. You can find them all on the LiveRangeWater website. You can just feel the energy that comes from leadership and is transfused into their team. This culture has aided them in recruiting top talent and contributed to a high level of employee retention. ~~Jonathan Saar

Components of a Successful Learning and Development Department

Some questions we discussed…

  • What are the core elements of the RangeWater learning and development department?
  • RangeWater is transparent and social when it comes to its brand and its employees. How has this aided employee growth?
  • What are some tips you can share that help drive employee engagement?

Our employees are the voice of our company.

Lise Rozier

Support of Local and National Affiliates

We know that you and your team are very involved with organizations such as the Atlanta Apartment Association and the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). How has this approach helped your team’s learning and development?

What one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator?

Never lose sight of the human component. Don’t treat your employees like numbers.

Lise Rozier

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Jonathan: hello everyone and welcome to episode seven of Juvo Hub Juvo Hub is your self education helping hand in property management and I'm really excited again today about our guest Lise Rozier from range water I've worked with her for many years with the Institute of real estate management and she brings over twenty years of experience to the table and the discussion today she currently serves as the director of training for range water and we're gonna be focused on really employee engagement is going to be the subject we're gonna dive into in just a moment but first of all let's welcome Lise Lise welcome to the show

Lise: thank you Jonathan I'm honored to be here

Jonathan: yeah I'm glad to have you so it's exciting to really be able to showcase range water to me has been just an amazing example for property management professionals to to really act do their best to emulate what what a program you guys have put together a lot of rebranding your matrix not too too long ago in the whole rebranding process to become range water
what what's been amazingly impressive to me has just been your training department your learning and development department so let's dive into that for a minute can you just kind of share with us some of the items that you would consider are like the core elements of range water and and how that come together

Lise: absolutely yes our rebranding has been very exciting and you know we continued to try to challenge the status quo
and we're experiencing you know more technology and automation and new business models and you know as a company we're always evolving and so we're always asking ourselves you know the tough questions you know how can we ensure that we are maximizing our employees skills what will they need next and how do I prepare my team for future growth opportunities and you know the one thing we don't want to do is to get stuck in a reactive model we always want to you know push forward and make you know I think ahead and what's next and you know how can we give our teams the knowledge that they need to be successful and give them all the tools and resources they need to be successful

Jonathan: yeah no that's that's awesome so it sounds like just a lot of planning a lot of discussion a lot of optin from leadership and then obviously optin from the from your team as a whole so one of the things that I noticed Lise about your program and I stepped back a few years to when property management was like very very everything that they did was very hush hush you know we don't display anything about what we do internally because that's proprietary and do not share this on social media and that really was the culture of property management you know we don't jump back about ten years or so ago but even today there's still a lot that are very very afraid or concerned from a legal perspective a lot of different reasons why they hesitate to present a more transparent version of what their company is and what their culture is so for range water you had very transparent it's awesome to see all the social media that's out there that the training that you're doing how the employees are involved in and it's very inspiring so from your perspective how has this serve the learning and development department how's that aided your employees their growth what are your comments on that

Lise: well you know I feel like is as leaders in the industry that it's our responsibility to be transparent and it's really not necessary to hide what I would like to call your and your genius owner yours special sauce it's not necessary because anyone can do it you just have to have he resources and leadership backing you up to have a successful program and so really we kind of take the approach that it's not business it's personal and that our employees are the voice of the company and so we look to them to tell us what they need as far as professional developments you know where we are it's one thing to solicit advice but it's another thing to turn your employee ideas into actionable plans and to include the idea makers in the process and I think that's the most important part is to get the buy in from your team by allowing them to be part of the process I mean you hired these team members so there is this huge level of trust and if you're hiring the right people and you can trust them to be part of your team and help you with your learning and development initiatives

Jonathan: right I love that I wrote that down our employees are the voice of our company that's awesome that's a quote right there so that is fantastic and you know when I see what you guys post on social media I try to put myself in the shoes of all your employees and how exciting that must be for them especially since you guys are so involved in working with ones that just come out of college you provide internships you provide mentoring I've talked to the students to have worked with you and everyone has always just been excited and so so grateful for the components of what you guys have put together and the example that you set for the industry so that's fantastic so I got that down our employees are voice of our company there you go folks so let's move on to some tips so for those who are on the show they're like okay employee engagement learning and development program boy those are some big expressions where do I begin where do I start could be the questions at their thinking in their minds so let's what are some tips that you can share that have helped you and you've seen work well with your team when it comes to driving that employee engagement in your program

Lise: right so it's sort of what I just mentioned is really engaging and sharing ideas from your team members and in order to do that we do a lot of pre assessments we do a lot of surveys you know we're always reaching out we're asking what do you feel you need to take your career to the next level and really including them as part of that process and then also offering a range of opportunities you know philanthropic opportunities are huge the people that we hire they are volunteers they have the volunteer heart and so giving them the opportunity to participate in a huge range of service opportunities you know it's been really big for us if you look on our social media that you will see our teams and they are really putting it out there that they're delivering meals to the frontline workers at Grady or they're holding an adoption for animals at their property whatever they're doing that inspires them and motivates them and it keeps them engaged in the company because they don't look at it as just a job they look at it as a family and I think that's what it range water does best is basically we welcome everyone we include everyone we're a family we work together and they know that they have opportunities to shine and so you know with the employee engagement I feel like the biggest impact is making your employees feel like they're something they're part of something bigger then just themselves

Jonathan: yeah that is beautiful fantastic and great examples it's this it's the serving you is the what's being personified and that's what you guys do to your employees and so they're following your lead in the way that you have participated in these various charity events
yeah what a great connection to be able to just that's part of your job you get to help other people besides helping people find a home we're gonna find out other ways for you to help people so that is absolutely fantastic it's a nice segue into my next question we work together a lot with the institute of real estate management and RangeWater I almost said matrix range water is very very involved with the institute of real estate management and you bring a lot of your team members there to support the events in the education and the various items that are put together throughout the year so how has this approach getting them involved with organizations such as IREM how has that helped their learning and development
Lise: well we all know that professional development is where the main factors that actually drive employee engagement and very often in this industry you know you can remain stagnant or lack opportunity if you don't raise your hand but we take a very proactive approach in encouraging participation in IREM events and luncheons to educate the team on the court incredible opportunities that are available and we have seen huge growth in our team members when they pursue these certifications and designations through IREM you can
physically see the confidence that it gives to them and watch them as they are promoted and they take on new opportunities in mentoring and growing other team members and leadership and it's just a phenominal to watch that growth and the confidence they get from being part of such a great organization so IREM has been a tremendous partner for us

Jonathan: beautiful yeah an example again for our listeners if you're hesitant to to get involved you're looking at your schedule or you don't want your employees to be distracted from their day to day job this is just a just like you highlighted before being involved in charitable events charitable causes and things along that line this is from my perspective being at these IREM events I see the energy that is in your team members and how excited they are they see how it empowers them they see how as as Dr Debbie says they are moving through their career lattice you know that they see that as an opportunity to continue to grow and IREM is one of many organizations that really just are are have always been there so fantastic and great feedback so
great actionable tips I took away from just talking to you just for a few minutes today Lise just really having a culture nothing that you said today sounded clinical or data spreadsheet even though I'm sure there is I'm sure you guys have data and you have metrics that you look at but overall in order for it to function it had to have heart you guys have heart it's just awesome just awesome so I really really I'm so happy that you took the time to to be with us today on this episode but before we close out question I'd like to ask all of our guests what one actionable tip could you share that has served you well as an educator

Lise: I think that the one thing that I always try to keep front of mind and really this comes you know from the top and the leadership examples within range water is just never lose sight of the human component
never look at your employees as a number
always look at them as if they are part of your family and put yourself in their shoes what would you want for your career what would you expect from a mentor I've had the honor in support of some incredible leaders and I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for them constantly pushing me and encouraging me to learn and grow and to get back and to pay it forward and you know always keeping front of mind what can I do to help someone today whether it's professionally personally spiritually or any other facet of life because it all ties together it all comes down to fulfillment and making a difference in someone's life so I think for me always remembering that your company is your employees and you know you just have to take care of them and you have to put them first

Jonathan: love it there's your second quote ladies and gentlemen never lose sight of the human component don't treat your employees as numbers
beautiful and quote number one our employees are the voice of our company so two amazing thoughts Lise we appreciate that so much and it's again it's been a joy to have you on the show today and a lot that those are listening to the show will be able to take away and start working on on their own culture look for ways that they can improve and for all of us to look at how we are as leaders to educate ourselves to make sure that we're doing a better job of incorporating always that human element into what we do and what we say each so we can keep making the property management industry the best that it always is so thank you again ladies and gentleman Lise Rozier from range water the director training thank you for being here with us today and we look forward to I seeing everyone on our next show

Lise: thank you Jonathan

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